Napier Spring Open Gardens Competition

Springtime. A time of rejuvenation and hope. A season most people look forward to for its verdant new growth and the kiss of the sun after a bone cold winter.

In this Covid world, we especially need something to raise our spirits. Something to celebrate. But also something we can all take part in safely observing all necessary health protocols.


Get Creative

The NWP Spring Festival committee
are proud to announce

The Napier Spring Garden Competition!

Calling all those with green fingers.  Enter now and  open your gardens to the public during the course of the festival.

In addition there will be a special Children’s category for Children’s schools and affiliated charities to enter.

Entry to the competition is FREE.

What you need to do to enter

Enter Here


Open Gardens 2021


    Opening times
    Friday 19 Nov:
    Saturday 20 Nov:
    Sunday 21 Nov:



    To be included in the competition, you must be willing to agree to our terms & conditions. Registration is FREE Entry. You do not need to register to open your garden on the day, but only registered gardens will be eligible for judging and prizes. Download terms and conditions here.


    1. Indigenous / waterwise
    2. Permaculture / Food
    3. Most Colourful
    4. Small spaces ( e.g.: Pot garden , a dedicated flower bed, balcony etc )
    5. Children’s

    *descriptions to follow (these are purely as a guide – it’s all a bit of fun and up to you!)

    Garden Meander:

    All garden entrants must be willing to open their gardens for a an hour or two during the NWP Spring festival day.

    Suggested Open times:

    • Friday 19th November 10am – 12pm or 1pm – 3pm (optional)
    • Saturday 20th November : 9am –12pm or 2pm – 4pm
    • Sunday 21th November 10am – 12pm or 1pm – 3pm (optional)

    Please confirm your preferred times of opening with your entry.

    Form available for download here or on request from Jenni: or pick up a form from The Tip of Africa Nursery at Moerse farmstall in Sarel Cilliers Street or Foyles Nursery.

    Judging will take place during the week commencing 10th November 2021. Winners will be announced at the Festival on Saturday.

    Entry By Hand:

    Place your completed entry form in an envelope and pop it into box provided at THE TIP OF AFRICA NURSERY situated at Moerse Farm Stall.

    By Email:

    Reference: open gardens & your name. Please send to Jenni:


    The Garden competition is to give the community something positive to look forward to in a safe environment outside. Please have Hand Gel at entrance. We can supply signs with NO MASK, NO ENTRY.

    Depending on the size of your garden, we advise you use your discretion as to how many people gain access at any one time. More information here.

    Open Gardens Information

    Garden Categories

    Category 1


    Indigenous plants help reduce air pollution. They provide shelter and food for wildlife. Birds act as pest controllers while the garden provides them with feeding, breeding, nesting and roosting. 

    Read more

    They promote biodiversity and stewardship of our natural heritage and ecosystems.
    Any garden area that displays indigenous plants and trees. Aloes, succulents etc.
    Local indigenous bulbs and plants that are found in this region alone. Renosterveld.



    Many have found life tough during the Covid pandemic. Loss of income and more time at home, meant that those who could have turned their attention to growing their own fruit and vegetables for their families and the wider community. Click here for the Western Cape growing calendar.

    Read more

    This has certainly been true in Napier.

    We applaud those who have done so and want to encourage many more, who may be new to gardening, to experience the joy of growing and tasting your own produce.

    Permaculture is all about working with nature and your local climate and environment.
    Trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables growing in harmony with each other. And helping out your friends and neighbours with excess produce.

    You don’t need a huge field to get started. A small garden area or even a balcony can be made into a productive garden. Whether you grow enough food to feed your family, or just enough tomatoes or fresh herbs, that you need during the warmer months.

    This category is for you!

    So get planting those crops and let’s see Napier have an abundance of fresh spring vegetables.

    Find out more.


    Most Colourful

    Let’s make this spring in Napier a riot of colour! Sprinkle seeds of African daisies, vibrant vyggies pots of spring bulbs, almond blossoms, whatever makes your heart sing in the garden at Spring time. This category is all about Flowers in all their glory. The brighter the better.


    Small spaces

    Even if you have a tiny space , you can still enter this competition.
    The most imaginative Pot garden. A stoep (balcony) overflowing with plants. A dedicated flower or veggie bed. All have merit and make Napier look amazing!

    Category 5

    Children’s  competition


    This is a stand-alone competition, aimed at organised groups such as schools and children’s charities.

    Children are taught by a responsible adult how to sow seed, nurture these, transplant and produce a final display in time for the Festival.

    Plants can be diverse: Spring Flowers, vegetables, succulents etc. Let your imagination run riot.


    1. Plant a wheel barrow.

    Wheel barrows can be decorated and have a theme.
    These will be transported into position , if possible at the Cricket Field on the day

    2. Start A Garden

    Plant a garden at school / charity building and open these on the day.

    3. Recycle

    Recycled or home-made pots / old tyres / yoghurt tubs  / plastic milk bottles – all decorated by the children. Let your imagination go wild!




    Be sure to keep an eye on our social media pages for the latest updates on our Spring Festival activities – as we bring the community of Napier together during our spring celebration.



    Let us know if you have any questions.


    Thank you to all of our sponsors​

    Without their kind generosity, the Napier Wine and Patatfees Spring Festival would be a mere dream. Our wish is that more people will enjoy this event safely. A special shout out to WESGRO as an ongoing partner of our festival, to help raise awareness about Napier as a tourist destination​ with much to offer. So here's to a fantastic event for all involved!

    Prizes sponsored by: Arniston Spa & Hotel, Floral Land, Montagu Springs Hotel, Soaring Eagles Lodge & Spa, Toyota